Benefits Of Facial Treatments

by Mer D'or Paris November 07, 2017

Facial treatment is not just a way of pampering yourself, there’s also health benefits that come with it. There are times that are facial skin is vulnerable to damages, that’s why it’s important that we take good care of our skin. Facial treatment is not just a luxury but a need as well. A healthy skin means a healthy you. So if you have not thought of getting a spa facial yet, this is the time to consider getting one. You should not take for granted your first line of defense which is your skin, especially the skin on your face. It is the pat that is always exposed. I mean you could wear a jacket to protect your body and you could wear a cap for your head, but it’ll be weird if you will wear a mask on a regular day, right? Facial treatment helps you to get the most out of skin care.


Spa facial is one of my favorite facial treatments. It is so relaxing and I could really feel the good effects on my skin after. I do spa facial regularly and I know that it is the one of the main reasons why I have youthful and glowing skin. I would like to recommend spa facial treatment to all of you because your skin deserves it! Let me tell you the reasons why you should get a facial treatment now!


Clearer pores

When you get a pimple or black heads, you love extracting them right? Well, the reason why they get worse when you do that is because poor extraction leads to scarring. There is a right way to extract them so that you could have clearer pores and that’s one of the things that facial treatment does, to exact acne and blackheads.


Anti aging

A spa facial is one of the best treatments with anti aging effect. Normally, age defying antioxidants are used in a spa facial. They work to reduce fine lines and boost collagen production making skin look younger.

Fresh and healthy glow

Regular facial treatment peels off the layer of your skin with dead skin cells. When they are off, your face will have a glowing effect and will definitely look healthier.

Skin renewal

So when the dead skin cells, bacteria and debris are peeled off of your skin, your face will be exfoliated. It’s as if it will restore your natural youthful skin, free of debris and other elements that r clogging your pores.

Instant results

We always wish that when we use a product it will take effect right away. Normally, creams do not show effect until after a week, at least. With facial treatment, when done right, it will give your skin immediate results.

Deep cleansing

You should definitely experience deep cleansing because it is one of the best feelings ever! Deep cleansing thoroughly removes dirt and oil build-up without drying the skin.

I normally book an appointment with Mer D’or Paris for my regular facial treatment. They are really professionals and they make my facial treatment experience absolutely great if you’re in Colorado or Utah!

Mer D'or Paris
Mer D'or Paris


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