Keeping Your Hands And Feet Moisturized This Winter

by Mer D'or Paris November 07, 2017

I love winter season but I don’t like getting small rashes on my skin when it’s too cold. I’m also having chapped lips and I often feel like my skin is going to tear apart. I also hate how dry my hands and feet could become during winter. It’s not only the sun that causes our skin to dry. Good thing moisturizing lotion was invented, it really helps me keep my skin moisturized from the super cold weather. I know a lot of people are having skin problems when winter comes. Don’t worry, there are ways to keep your skin moisturized during this kind of season. I always have a hand and feet moisturizing lotion at home. In fact even if it’s not winter I love putting some on my hands and feet before going to bed especially when the air conditioner is on.


I really want to share with you guys the hand lotion and feet lotion that I purchased a month ago. They both smell good and they feel like they go through my skin quickly keeping it moisturized for a long period of time. I mean I’ve tried other products but these lotions are the best. I highly recommend that you try them and especially use them during winter season. Their foot lotion has a vasodilation effect that relieves pain on the foot so it really is good. 

If you still r not convinced of how important keeping you hands and feet moisturized during winter, check out these reasons why you need to buy a hand lotion and a foot lotion ASAP.

Avoid cracked skin

Doesn’t it hurt when the skin on your hands and feet is cracking? You often wash hands during winter to avoid harboring viruses that cause colds and flu. This is the season when these viruses are active. When you wash your hands often, the tendency is for them to get dry. The lotion will prevent your skin from cracking.


To keep the skin on your hands and feet hydrated, you need to apply lotion. Winter dries your skin and it looses its natural moisture.

Smoothens rough skin

It’s true that during winter, our skin feels rough. So to avoid having rough hands and feet, you need to apply lotion to them. A moist body lotion can make these areas supple and help you to remove the dead skin easier than if you attempted it without lotion.

Keeps skin glowing

When it’s cold and your skin is dry, it becomes dull. Applying lotion will help you keep the glow of your skin.

Relieves itch

I get these itchy rashes during winter that’s why I’m so thankful for the hands and feet lotion that I got for myself. They relieve itchiness instantly!

Mer D'or Paris
Mer D'or Paris


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