Tips for Spring Beauty

by Mer D'or Paris February 02, 2018

It doesn't take much to update your look. A simple touch of something different, slightly more feminine, or maybe more pulled together. An imperceptible change is actually more effective than a drastic one.

Here are a few ideas to give you a jumpstart on some spring updates for a lovely you.

  1. Give Yourself a Trim. Freshen up your tresses and have a quarter of an inch to an inch cut off your hair. This is not about a new hairstyle but about refreshing the style you already have. Trimming away those split, fried, and dried out ends can give new bounce to your do.
  2. Lighten up your facial moisturizer. It may be time to lighten up your daily moisturizer.
  3. Warmer weather means less cold air to dry out your skin. Your need for heavy moisturizers may be minimizing. Try a lighter formula of your favorite brand.
  4. Spring is the time for florals, and lighter colors. When dressing for the day choose lighter colors that compliment your skin tone. Peaches, creams, lavenders, light yellows. Take a cue from nature and incorporate some fresh colors into your wardrobe. This may mean some extra time in the mirror getting your look right but it will be well worth it for how great you look.
  5. It may be Spring but sometimes it can still be a little chilly. Add one or two light silk scarves to your look. Silk, an absolutely lovely natural fabric, can keep your comfortably warm while still allowing your skin room to breath.
  6. Spring is also great time to lighten up on your signature scents. Whether you're fond of sporty scents, florals, greens, or the musky variety. Many perfumes come in lighter and
  7. Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes have always been popular but the black and gray shades used to achieve them aren't always appropriate for spring. This season try smoky eyes using brown, gold, violet or green shadow. Look for eye shadow collections with four colors in the same family to easily achieve smoky spring eyes. Usually the lightest color goes on your lid area, the middle color in the crease and the darkest color to the outer corner top of your lid, for depth. The 4th color (if any) is used as a highlight - below the brow area, or in the inner corner of the eye.

  1. Soft Lip Colors

Nude lip colors were hot on the runways this spring. You can get the same look by using a soft lip shade that is close to the color of your lips, then blotting and lightly brushing on face powder. If you don't want to go nude, try a shimmery pink for a pretty spring look.

  1. Healthy skin

Healthy skin is always in style, but this spring it's the hottest fashion accessory. Fashion runways for Spring 2009 featured barely there makeup and flawless skin. Make sure to moisturize daily to keep your skin soft and smooth. Use a tinted moisturizer and peach blush to complete the look.

When it comes to healthy skin, regular cleaning with a natural cotton cloth and a natural, paraben-free cleanser is a sure bet. When you avoid products with preservatives (like parabens) your skin is going to be healthier, happier and acne free.

As the weather begins to get warmer, your makeup choices should change as well. This spring update your look with a few simple changes to your routine. With these tips, you'll look fresh and beautiful as winter turns to spring.

Mer D'or Paris
Mer D'or Paris


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