La Savon Single Bathbomb

Mer D'or Paris

Scent Options:

Cinnamon - A Spice Of Life

Eucalyptus - Healing Time

Jasmine - A Gentle Touch Of Love & Health

Rose - The Romantic Bomb

Lime - Sweet & Sour Bomb

Lemon -  Desirably Sour

Orange - Cozy Times

Lavender - For A Relaxing Time

Baby Powder - Forever Young

Banana - Fun Times For Kids

Coco Channel - Sexy Time Together

Melon - The Flavor Of Life

John Paul - Him Time

Love Spell - Sexy Bomb

Pineapple - Sweet Bomb

Vanilla - Like Love For The First Time

Hearts - Love Me In Shades Of Rose

All the bombs are natural and hand made with aroma therapeutic oils.

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