Mer D'or Paris

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This thick and creamy body butter leaves your body silky smooth and refreshed. Shea butter remarkably restores elasticity to the skin while nourishing dehydrated cells through healthy anti-oxidant enriched emollients. The combination of the shea butter, Dead Sea minerals and vitamins from botanicals makes this product a blissful treat to your whole body.


Apply generously to the entire body as often as desired. Note: Air that lacks moisture will dry out your skin and cause a chafing effect. This is especially true during the winter months when the air is at its driest. Hot showers and scrubbing can also lead to drying and irritation of the skin. For best results apply body butter immediately after showering.

Formulated in France and made in the USA Pharmaceutical Grade Raw Material. Formulated Exclusively For Mer D'or Paris.

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