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Qumran Caves, the foundation for Mer D’or’s products, are located on the northwest plane of the Dead Sea. Qumran Caves, discovered in 1946, have over 300 types of vitamins and minerals which are the basis for our products. These Vitamins and minerals are combined with 24K Gold in order to renew, revitalize and brighten the skin. Mer D’or product development was accomplished through innovative technologies by laboratories in France and the United States.


Mer D’or has revolutionized the way your natural nails can look. We found that most people who wish to display a natural appearance to their nails have very few options to do so. Using clear nail polish was the preferred option by most customers to get the desired results. Alternatively, manicure services cost hundreds of dollars annually but result in a short lived outcome. Traditionally men do not pamper their nails to manicures, even though they have confessed to us that they have had the desire to have nice looking nails. Times have certainly changed and nowadays more and more men, who care for their nails appearance, can notice the superior outcome of our product! Male and female customers alike can get great, clean and shiny looking nails in the comfort of their homes, without having to spend hundreds on manicures. Our product is worry free! Our nail buffer provides a superior alternative to nail polish. This professional product is unique in utilizing the natural oils found in your nails giving them a natural, healthy look and shine.


Formulated in France and made in the USA Pharmaceutical Grade Raw Material. Formulated Exclusively For Mer D’or ParisTM

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